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@Rotoworld_FB49ers open to trading WR Marquise Goodwin https://t.co/iB2qiwOKL64 hours, 39 minutes ago
@AdamSchefterRT @toddarcher: For the first time since September the Dallas Cowboys and Todd France, the agent for Dak Prescott, had conversations on Wed…4 hours, 47 minutes ago
@Rotoworld_FBRT @rotoworld: .@markrlindquist runs through the biggest storylines form the first days of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Combine Breakdow…4 hours, 53 minutes ago
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Dalvin Cook, Davante Adams, Odel Beckam, CJ MoselyTue Feb 25 5:12:01 p.m. ET 2020
2020 Bettis Boys Rookie Draft date TBD & some rule changes?Tue Feb 25 11:45:10 a.m. ET 2020
Mike evansTue Feb 25 11:19:01 a.m. ET 2020
Melvin GordonWed Feb 19 5:18:26 p.m. ET 2020
RFATue Feb 18 5:56:57 p.m. ET 2020
Eckler Tue Feb 18 2:08:22 p.m. ET 2020
Let’s get it out of the way now Fri Feb 7 9:18:39 a.m. ET 2020
Restricted Free Agents (RFA) TrackingThu Feb 6 5:54:11 p.m. ET 2020
In Season Signings (ISS) TrackingThu Feb 6 5:47:42 p.m. ET 2020
Skins GameThu Feb 6 5:45:10 p.m. ET 2020
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  Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF PA Salary BBID $ Bal
Albuna Buzzards 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$58.4m $16000000.00
The Cuginos 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$39.9m $16000000.00
DALLAS FELONS 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$36m $16000000.00
Detroit Rock City 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$44.1m $16000000.00
Fittys Phoenix 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$66.9m $16000000.00
The Giants 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$66.8m $16000000.00
Goldenhawks 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$59.1m $16000000.00
Kingsville ROB 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$58m $16000000.00
The Lebtalians 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$33.8m $16000000.00
Marshwoods Blvd. Dolphins 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$62.4m $16000000.00
STALLIONS 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$65.9m $16000000.00
Ticklish Teletubbies 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$62.1m $16000000.00
T.O.G 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$58.6m $16000000.00
Wheatley Rednecks 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$37.8m $16000000.00
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IR Report
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Top Player Chart
Top 35 Week 1 Adds
1.Taylor, Tyrod LAC QB4.19%
2.Bryant, Dez FA WR (Q)3.39%
3.Hill, Taysom NOS QB3.18%
4.Swift, D'Andre FA RB (R) 2.89%
5.Taylor, Jonathan FA RB (R) 2.78%
6.Jeudy, Jerry FA WR (R) 2.78%
7.Akers, Cam FA RB (R) 2.63%
8.Lamb, CeeDee FA WR (R) 2.56%
9.Shenault, Laviska FA WR (R) 2.53%
10.Sims, Steven WAS WR2.31%
11.Tagovailoa, Tua FA QB (R) (Q)2.31%
12.Dobbins, J.K. FA RB (R) 2.31%
13.Higgins, Tee FA WR (R) 2.27%
14.Edwards, Bryan FA WR (R) (Q)2.13%
15.Herbert, Justin FA QB (R) 2.02%
16.Reagor, Jalen FA WR (R) 2.02%
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10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
1Detroit Rock CityAdd/Drop Wed Feb 19 6:35:54 p.m. ET 2020
2Detroit Rock CityAdd/Drop Wed Feb 19 6:34:09 p.m. ET 2020
3T.O.G / Detroit Rock CityTrade Wed Feb 19 6:27:40 p.m. ET 2020
4Detroit Rock City / Ticklish TeletubbiesTrade Tue Feb 18 9:35:36 p.m. ET 2020
5Detroit Rock City / DALLAS FELONSTrade Comments: Foms to send drc 1 2020 rfa Tue Feb 18 4:33:56 p.m. ET 2020
6DALLAS FELONSAdd/Drop Mon Feb 17 4:47:41 p.m. ET 2020
7The Giants / DALLAS FELONSTrade Comments: 1-2020 ISS and 1-2021 RFA to the Giants from the Fellons. I notice you won't be using your RFAs next year so the net affect to you from your offer should be zero. Mon Feb 17 4:33:06 p.m. ET 2020
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Blind Bidding Summary
Albuna Buzzards$0.00$16000000.00
The Cuginos$0.00$16000000.00
DALLAS FELONS$0.00$16000000.00
Detroit Rock City$0.00$16000000.00
Fittys Phoenix$0.00$16000000.00
The Giants$0.00$16000000.00
Kingsville ROB$0.00$16000000.00
The Lebtalians$0.00$16000000.00
Marshwoods Blvd. Dolphins$0.00$16000000.00
Ticklish Teletubbies$0.00$16000000.00
Wheatley Rednecks$0.00$16000000.00
2019 Bettis Boys Dynasty Football League Auction Draft
Team Player NFL Pos $
Albuna BuzzardsDavis, MikeCHIRB1,600,000
Albuna BuzzardsTrevathan, DannyCHILB1,600,000
Albuna BuzzardsVernon, OlivierCLEDE2,000,000
Albuna BuzzardsFlacco, JoeDENQB1,300,000
Albuna BuzzardsBadgley, MikeLACPK400,000
Albuna BuzzardsBurkhead, RexNEPRB200,000
Albuna BuzzardsBurfict, VontazeOAKLB1,000,000
Albuna BuzzardsJoseph, LinvalMINDT200,000
Albuna BuzzardsOgunbowale, DareTBBRB1,100,000
Albuna BuzzardsWillis, DamionCINWR1,000,000
Albuna BuzzardsPhillips, AdrianLACS400,000
Albuna BuzzardsWilliams, DarrelKCCRB900,000
Fitty's PhoenixWatt, J.J.HOUDE4,100,000
Fitty's PhoenixRobinson, AllenCHIWR10,100,000
Fitty's PhoenixSuccop, RyanTENPK300,000
Fitty's PhoenixMiller, VonDENLB700,000
Fitty's PhoenixVigil, NickCINLB2,100,000
Fitty's PhoenixCollins, JamieNEPLB700,000
Fitty's PhoenixGriffen, EversonMINDE1,400,000
Fitty's PhoenixRagland, ReggieKCCLB900,000
Fitty's PhoenixGinn Jr., TedNOSWR1,000,000
Fitty's PhoenixHyde, MicahBUFS1,100,000
Fitty's PhoenixClay, CharlesARITE300,000
Fitty's PhoenixBennett, MichaelNEPDE700,000
Fitty's PhoenixEverett, DeshazorWASS500,000
Marshwood Blvd DolphinsHauschka, StevenBUFPK200,000
Marshwood Blvd DolphinsAlexander, LorenzoBUFLB200,000
Marshwood Blvd DolphinsMercilus, WhitneyHOULB200,000
Marshwood Blvd DolphinsBrockers, MichaelLARDE200,000
Marshwood Blvd DolphinsTavecchio, GiorgioATLPK300,000
Dallas FelonsBrown, AntonioOAKWR13,300,000
Dallas FelonsDiggs, StefonMINWR13,600,000
Dallas FelonsGreen, A.J.CINWR12,600,000
Dallas FelonsJohnson, DukeHOURB8,000,000
Dallas FelonsVan Noy, KyleNEPLB700,000
Dallas FelonsWright, K.J.SEALB1,600,000
Dallas FelonsBortles, BlakeLARQB200,000
Dallas FelonsRosas, AldrickNYGPK200,000
Dallas FelonsWilliams, PrestonMIAWR2,600,000
Dallas FelonsHamilton, Shaun DionWASLB700,000
Dallas FelonsMeyers, JakobiNEPWR3,000,000
Dallas FelonsWoods, XavierDALS200,000
Dallas FelonsSmallwood, WendellPHIRB200,000
Dallas FelonsGronkowski, RobFA*TE700,000
Dallas FelonsQuinn, RobertDALDE200,000
Dallas FelonsJohnson, TrumaineNYJCB200,000
Dallas FelonsShort, KawannCARDT200,000
Dallas FelonsPeters, CoreyARIDT200,000
Dallas FelonsBenjamin, TravisLACWR200,000
Dallas FelonsFuller, KyleCHICB200,000
Kingsville RobRyan, MattATLQB5,000,000
Kingsville RobJeffery, AlshonPHIWR10,900,000
Kingsville RobVinatieri, AdamINDPK200,000
Kingsville RobWatson, BenNEPTE200,000
Kingsville RobBryant, DezFAWR200,000
Kingsville RobHeath, JeffDALS200,000
Kingsville RobRogers, EliPITWR200,000
StallionsMaher, BrettDALPK300,000
StallionsWhitehead, TahirOAKLB2,500,000
StallionsSwearinger, D.J.ARIS1,100,000
StallionsYoung, KennyBALLB2,700,000
StallionsWilliams, LeonardNYJDE1,100,000
StallionsBostic, JonWASLB1,900,000
StallionsTuitt, StephonPITDE600,000
The CuginosWilliams, DamienKCCRB10,000,000
The CuginosWalker, DelanieTENTE1,400,000
The CuginosBrady, TomNEPQB4,100,000
The CuginosJordan, CameronNOSDE2,900,000
The CuginosJones, ReshadMIAS1,500,000
The CuginosJackson, DeSeanPHIWR4,000,000
The CuginosIngram, MelvinLACDE2,300,000
The CuginosHicks, AkiemCHIDE2,400,000
The CuginosLewis, DionTENRB3,000,000
The CuginosOlsen, GregCARTE1,000,000
The CuginosDavis, DemarioNOSLB2,200,000
The CuginosFitzpatrick, RyanMIAQB800,000
The CuginosBrown, JohnBUFWR4,400,000
The CuginosKendricks, EricMINLB2,300,000
The CuginosHitchens, AnthonyKCCLB2,000,000
The CuginosAmendola, DannyDETWR1,000,000
The CuginosHumphries, AdamTENWR2,700,000
The CuginosSimmons, JustinDENS1,700,000
The CuginosBeebe, ChadMINWR200,000
The CuginosAlexander, JaireGBPCB200,000
The CuginosWilliamson, AveryNYJLB400,000
The CuginosKroft, TylerBUFTE200,000
LebtaliansMorris, AlfredDALRB300,000
LebtaliansBrissett, JacobyINDQB3,200,000
LebtaliansTate, GoldenNYGWR5,000,000
LebtaliansRudolph, KyleMINTE1,900,000
LebtaliansElliott, JakePHIPK300,000
LebtaliansDiggs, QuandreDETS800,000
LebtaliansConley, ChrisJACWR1,000,000
LebtaliansBurnett, MorganCLES1,000,000
LebtaliansBrown, PrestonCINLB1,500,000
LebtaliansCampbell, De'VondreATLLB200,000
LebtaliansRiddick, TheoDENRB200,000
LebtaliansWilliams, VincePITLB200,000
LebtaliansBrate, CameronTBBTE200,000
LebtaliansDoss, KeelanOAKWR200,000
Detroit Rock CityPrater, MattDETPK400,000
Detroit Rock CityHyde, CarlosKCCRB700,000
Detroit Rock CityMack, KhalilCHILB3,500,000
Detroit Rock CityMcCoy, LeSeanBUFRB2,100,000
Detroit Rock CityScarlett, JordanCARRB1,500,000
Detroit Rock CityMontgomery, TyNYJRB1,200,000
Detroit Rock CityByard, KevinTENS2,700,000
Detroit Rock CityCobb, RandallDALWR2,000,000
Detroit Rock CityTannehill, RyanTENQB500,000
Detroit Rock CityEdwards, GusBALRB200,000
Detroit Rock CityWaller, DarrenOAKTE2,800,000
Detroit Rock CityWoodyard, WesleyTENLB1,700,000
Detroit Rock CityReid, EricCARS2,000,000
Detroit Rock CityMcSorley, TraceBALQB200,000
Detroit Rock CityDissly, WillSEATE700,000
Detroit Rock CityAnderson, C.J.DETRB3,000,000
Detroit Rock CityKazee, DamontaeATLCB1,500,000
Detroit Rock CitySnead, WillieBALWR800,000
Detroit Rock CityLee, MarqiseJACWR1,500,000
Detroit Rock CityHilliard, DontrellCLERB1,000,000
Detroit Rock CityRichardson, SheldonCLEDT500,000
Detroit Rock CityHarrison, DamonDETDT1,300,000
Detroit Rock CityOgbah, EmmanuelKCCDE600,000
Detroit Rock CityPerriman, BreshadTBBWR1,000,000
Detroit Rock CityBradham, NigelPHILB1,100,000
Detroit Rock CityLee, SeanDALLB500,000
Detroit Rock CityJohnson, TyDETRB500,000
Detroit Rock CityMoore, KennyINDCB200,000
GoldenhawksWitten, JasonDALTE300,000
GoldenhawksHughes, JerryBUFDE900,000
GoldenhawksCasey, JurrellTENDE1,600,000
GoldenhawksCox, FletcherPHIDT1,000,000
GoldenhawksHeyward, CameronPITDE1,500,000
GoldenhawksWeddle, EricLARS1,000,000
GoldenhawksOnwuasor, PatrickBALLB1,600,000
GoldenhawksMartin, DougOAKRB900,000
GoldenhawksDorsett, PhillipNEPWR400,000
GoldenhawksBrown, MalcolmLARRB200,000
GoldenhawksVaccaro, KennyTENS1,300,000
GoldenhawksThomas, DemaryiusNEPWR1,000,000
GoldenhawksGore, FrankBUFRB400,000
TOGButker, HarrisonKCCPK400,000
TOGFord, DeeSFODE2,700,000
TOGMcDonald, VancePITTE3,400,000
TOGKing, DesmondLACCB1,000,000
Wheatley RednecksMiller, LamarHOURB700,000
Wheatley RednecksLockett, TylerSEAWR12,900,000
Wheatley RednecksGostkowski, StephenNEPPK400,000
Wheatley RednecksFoles, NickJACQB2,300,000
Wheatley RednecksPeterson, AdrianWASRB2,200,000
Wheatley RednecksReed, JordanWASTE800,000
Wheatley RednecksFoster, RobertBUFWR900,000
Wheatley RednecksWilson, AlbertMIAWR600,000
Wheatley RednecksBeasley, VicATLDE500,000
Wheatley RednecksOluokun, FoyesadeATLLB600,000
The GiantsZuerlein, GregLARPK500,000
The GiantsMartinez, BlakeGBPLB3,900,000
The GiantsEifert, TylerCINTE800,000
The GiantsWise, DeatrichNEPDE1,100,000
The GiantsPierre-Paul, JasonTBBDE200,000
The GiantsBarr, AnthonyMINLB300,000
The GiantsGipson, TashaunHOUS200,000
The GiantsUzomah, C.J.CINTE200,000
The GiantsWhitehead, JordanTBBS200,000
The GiantsOkafor, AlexKCCDE200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesLawrence, DemarcusDALDE3,200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesCook, JaredNOSTE4,000,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesMyers, JasonSEAPK400,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesWilliams, ShawnCINS2,700,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesStills, KennyMIAWR3,500,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesPoyer, JordanBUFS2,600,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesAjayi, JayFA*RB800,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesClark, KennyGBPDT1,800,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesJenkins, MalcolmPHIS2,000,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesRamsey, JalenJACCB400,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesDoyle, JackINDTE2,000,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesRoberts, ElandonNEPLB200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesOgunjobi, LarryCLEDT500,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesCarlson, DanielOAKPK200,000
2020 Accounting Summary

Prize Money Accounting Notes:

  • Any discrepancy between the prize money report above and the league accounting report is due to outstanding money owed, pre-payments made or prize money paid out.
  • Due to rounding weekly prize winnings may cause a slight imbalance between trade/waiver/fines money charged versus weekly prize money paid out.
  • The $175 discrepancy in prize winnings of $2,625 and the cumulative yearly entry dues of $2,800 is due to the $110 hosting fees and the "Skins Game" $65 prize money that is retained at $5 per week until a team collects on a win streak.

Entry Fee Accounting
Cash On Hand

Below is a lottery simulator however we will be using ping pong balls and a bingo machine to hold the lottery.

Lottery Rules

  • Franchise owners will randomly draw balls out of a bag equal to the number of balls alotted to them in the table below.
  • Those balls will be recorded and placed in the bingo cage.
  • Once all the balls are in the cage the balls will be drawn.
  • The first ball drawn will determine the first overall winner, the second ball will be determine the 2nd overall winner and the third ball will determine the 3rd overall winner.
  • In the event that two or more balls exit the cage the first ball in the chute will be marked as the winner and the other balls will be placed back into the cage for any subsequent draws.
  • In the event that a ball is drawn to a franchise that has already won a pick that ball will be ignored and a new ball will be drawn (only applicable for second and third draws).

TAXI SQUAD: 30 (Maximum 3 years)
  • Unlimited players allowed
  • 20 day minimum
  • IR, OUT, DOUBTFUL to qualify
  • Suspended and Retired player qualify under special rules exemption
  • Full salary counts towards cap
  • Compliance deadline (after 20 days on IR) Sunday 12:55pm
CONTRACT CAP: 60 years
CAP HITS: Cutting a player results in a cap hit of 20% per contract year remaining
STARTING LINEUP(16):Offense (9): 1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1PK, 2Flex(RB/WR/TE)
 Defense (9): 3DL, 3LB, 3DB
REGULAR SEASON: 13 weeks; each team plays every other team 1 time
PLAYOFFS: 3 weeks; Championship Bowl (Top 6 teams); Consolation Bowl (Bottom 8 teams)
  • $2 per trade per team in pre-season and regular season
  • Free in the off-season
  • Trade Assets: Players on Active Roster, Taxi Squad or IR; Draft Picks, RFA, & ISS all up to 3 years out
  • Trade Deadline: Fantasy Week 11 Sunday at noon
  • Trades allowed throughout year except for the following periods:
    • Fantasy weeks 12 to 16
    • Offer Sheet week
    • Right to Match week
    • Roster Freeze thru Auction Draft
BLIND BID (BBID): 1 player max per week; minimum bid 200k, every Wednesday at 6:00pm
FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED (FCFS): Unlimited, 600k salary, every Wednesday at 6:15pm (closes Sunday at 1:00pm)
IN-SEASON SIGNING (ISS): 2-week audition; 500k minimum signing; each team is alotted 3 ISS assets per season which can be traded
  • League Rollover (Early February)
  • Rookie Draft (May)
  • Roster Freeze (August) Note: RFA's must be signed prior to freeze
  • Auction Draft (August)
  • Contract Designation Deadline (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • Regular Season Starts (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • First BBID Waivers (Wednesday 6:00pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • First FCFS Waivers (Wednesday 6:15pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • Trade Deadline (Week 11 Sunday at noon)
  • Playoffs Start (Week 14)
  • Off-Season Starts (Week 17)
RFA TYPE (player can be re-signed if contract is more than 1 year)
AUCTION: 1 to 5 years at auction price
TAXI-PROMOTION: 1 to 5 years; multiplier is base rookie salary times years signed
ISS: 1 to 5 years at blind bid amount with a 500k minimum
UFA TYPE (player cannot be re-signed at end of contract)
RE-SIGN: Extending a player that is an RFA; maximum term is one year less than the original contract
FCFS: 1 year contract at 600k
Note: Each team is alotted 3 RFA assets per season which can be traded
(season roll over early February)
(Weeks 1 to 13)
(Weeks 14 to 16)

OFF-SEASON: Extends from Week 17 of previous NFL season to Roster Freeze. League rolls over to new season some time in February. On roll over players with one year remaining on contract are released and all others have one year deducted.
Salary Cap: none Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes (free) Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: Unmonitored

ROOKIE DRAFT: Part of the off-season. Draft is typically held shortly after NFL Draft.
Salary Cap: none Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes (free) Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: Unmonitored

ROSTER FREEZE: Starts one week before Auction Draft. Contract cap is reinstated. No IR players allowed. Vacant active roster spots count as 1 contract year and $200,000 towards relevant caps. Teams must be in compliance with salary and contract cap limits at START of roster freeze.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 60 Trades Allowed: No Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: None

AUCTION DRAFT: Typically held a week or two before regular season starts.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 60 Trades Allowed: No Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: None

CONTRACT DESIGNATION: Period from end of Auction Draft to Start of Regular Season where new contracts can be assigned to auctioned picks.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 60 Trades Allowed: Yes Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: None

REGULAR SEASON: Weeks 1 to 13 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Weeks 1 to 11 only Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: Normal Rules Apply

PLAYOFF: Weeks 14 to 16 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: No Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: Normal Rules Apply

SALARY CAP: In each case salary cap applies to all players on active roster and injured reserve for the current season only. All vacancies on active roster during the Roster Freeze, Auction Draft and at the Contract Designation Deadline will also have a $200,000 cap hit. During the Regular Season and Playoffs vacancies on the active roster will NOT have a $200,000 cap hit.
CONTRACT CAP: When applicable applies to all contract years for all players. All players have a minimum one year contract with the exception of taxi squad players. All vacancies on active roster have a one year contract implication.